Top 10 tips to prevent injury for kids in sport

There are a great deal of myths around joint health and joint pain. We look at the truth behind joint health and osteoarthritis.

So What Are Our Top 10 Tips To Prevent Injury For Kids In Sport

Know your sport and listen to your coach

Good fitness and always warm up

Train Hard and Enjoy

Don’t Overdo It

Listen to your body

Healthy Living

Get a Physio Screen

Good posture

Learn how to move


If you get injured don’t forget – R I C E R Vs H A R M à for the first 3 days

DO (the quicker you do this the better)
Rest – get off the field / stop playing and try and rest the inured area
Ice – use ice blocks, ice pack, frozen peas – 20 mins every 2 hours – Don’t give yourself an ice burn.
Compression – use a bandage or tubigrip to stop the swelling.
Elevation – Keep the injured area up to help drain the bleeding away from the area.
Referral – See your Dr or Physio ASAP. This will all depend on the extent of the injury –

DON’T – Heat Alcohol (for adults) Running Massage
Each of these things will make your injury bleed or hurt more so shouldn’t happen in the first 2-3 days.