Sciatica Treatment

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a common term that relates to inflammation of the nerves that originate from the lower back. It is also known as radicular pain, radiculopathy and may be related to a disc protrusion or prolapse or narrowing of the canal (stenosis) that the nerve exits in the low back.

Sciatica may or may not be associated with nerve compression (numbness and loss of power in the leg). If you have a progressive loss of power in the leg, or loss of sensation over the saddle / genital area and an inability to pass urine, it is important to seek urgent medical attention.

Risk factors for sciatica:

Carrying excessive belly fat, stress and unaccustomed physical loading of the back.

Treatment of sciatica:

While sciatica can be very painful, the good news is that sciatica settles down in the majority of cases – within 3 months.

Similarly disc protrusions and prolapses are reabsorbed by the body over time. Like many inflammatory problems, sciatica may benefit from anti-inflammatory medication, gentle relaxed movement exercises and maintaining physical activity.

Our physiotherapists at Body Logic Physiotherapy can examine you and determine if you need medical attention and guide you through a rehabilitation process and provide you with specific strategies to get you back to on track. A prevention program once the pain has settled is key as recurrence is common.