Bursitis Treatment

Bursas are fluid sacs which are positioned all around the body to help offer some protection and lubrication between tendons and bony points where our muscles attach. Bursitis is inflammation or irritation of these sacs due to any combination of reasons.

Common bursas that exist around the body include:

Risk factors for bursitis

  • Training imbalances – overload or underload
  • Too much too soon
  • Muscle imbalances 
  • Direct trauma – eg landing direct on knee or elbow
  • Obesity or increased weight increases risk
  • Muscle weakness and tightness
  • Poor throwing technique
  • Poor running technique
  • Poor footwear

Treatment of bursitis

Like all injuries, we try and understand the many combination of factors that have caused the injury and develop a program based on addressing each of these factors when you come to us for bursitis treatment.