Knee Pain Treatment

What is knee pain?

Knee pain is a term that relates to pain around the front, back and side of the knee. Pain around the knee may be related to sensitive tendons, muscles, bursa, the knee cap or the knee joint itself.

Common terms for knee pain include ACL tear or rupture, medial ligament strain, patellofemoral pain, tibiofemoral pain, iliotibial band syndrome, hamstring tendinopathy and Baker’s cyst. Knee pain usually presents when loading the knee such as standing, walking, running, walking down stairs, squatting, lunging and side stepping.  It may also disrupt sleep.

Risk factors for knee pain:

Traumatic injury to the knee structures may result in ligament or bone damage. Knee pain may also be related to carrying excessive belly fat, muscle weakness of the thigh, calf and buttock muscles, inactivity or over-activity (weight bearing sports) and depressed mood. These factors can result in inflammation of various structures of the knee.

Treatment of knee pain:

Traumatic knee pain

If you have had a traumatic injury where swelling occurs immediately after the injury and the knee is too painful to load, seek medical attention. The good news is that even with major knee injury, the physios at Body Logic Physiotherapy can provide world-leading rehabilitation programs to get you back to your activity.

Non-trauma knee pain:

The great news is that there are lots of effective treatments that our physiotherapists at Body Logic Physiotherapy can offer for knee pain.

Firstly, we identify the key factors contributing to the pain and identify what structures are affected.

Secondly, we develop a plan to manage your knee pain. This will involve a graduated strengthening exercise program to the muscles that control your knee, and a plan to get you physically active based on your preference. It’s really important to get you fit, confident and strong as this results in pain relief and increased functional capacity.

For knee pain we also offer the GLA:D program.