Telehealth Exercise Classes

We offer both face to face and Telehealth appointments

Why is exercise important

While COVID-19 has stopped many parts of our lives, it should not stop you from exercising – even in your own home!

Medical experts call exercise the polypill, because it’s like a drug that has a positive effect on so many aspects of our health. Every human being needs this drug to maintain their physical and mental health.

Exercise is particularly important because:

Who is it for?

Everyone: If you have never exercised before, now is a great time to start. If you have been exercising regularly, now is definitely not the time to stop. And it’s important for people of all ages.

Elderly: Exercise helps you stay mobile enough to get out of a chair, walk around the house and reduce your risk of falling. Exercise is also so important to keep you mobile, strong and fit.

People in pain: We will find a way to help you relax and move your body with confidence and less pain.

Athletes: Maintain or improve your strength and condition while competition is reduced to come back a better athlete.

Kids and adolescents: Exercise helps with concentration, mood, sleep and relaxation. This also helps keep parents sane when children and adolescents are stuck in the home.

People who want to just keep fit and strong: Exercise can be tailored to keep you fit and strong using minimal space and equipment.

How does it work?

You will login to a Zoom account (very easy to do – guide here) on your phone, iPad or computer. You will be able to see us (the Physios) and the other people in your class. You will be able to chat with us all, just like you do when you come to your usual class!

We will tailor the exercise program to your needs.

Home gym: You don’t need fancy gym equipment to stay fit and strong. We can tailor an effective exercise program with just a bit of space! We will get you exercising using any equipment that you have available to you. So, if you have a step, hand weights, roller, theraband, a step, treadmills/bikes or anything else, have it near you in the class and we will make use of it. If you don’t have this equipment, don’t worry – we can work a program without it.

What do I need to do?

If you have done a group class at Body Logic Physiotherapy before:

If you have ever completed a group class at Body Logic Physiotherapy, you can expect a pretty similar experience. Except, rather than doing your exercises at our gym, you will do them in your “home gym”.  Talk to your Physiotherapist first about how to prepare for the class. Then simply register online or by phoning the clinic.

If you haven’t done a class with Body Logic Physiotherapy before:

If you are an existing patient with Body Logic Physiotherapy, then ask your physiotherapist to organise the class for you. 

If you are new to Body Logic Physiotherapy:

You will need to book an initial 30 min video consultation with one of the physiotherapists. You can book this online or call one of our friendly admin team to make a time. We will ask you to tell us about any pain problems you have, your functional limitations and your goals.The physiotherapist will design a personalised program for you. From there, you can book into a class and get on your journey to better health.