Telehealth for Pelvic Health

In response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, The Pelvic Health Clinic at Body Logic Physiotherapy has now transitioned to offer physiotherapy consultations via Telehealth in order to protect everyone’s health. This means you can still access our high-quality care using a computer or a mobile phone. The service is undertaken in accordance with Australian Physiotherapy Association guidelines and is supported by the health funds.

The current crisis is a huge threat to peoples physical and mental health especially with people being isolated and confined to their homes. With Telehealth, Body Logic Physiotherapy can help you stay healthy over this difficult time.


The Body Logic Pelvic Health Clinic Subiaco is excited to announce several new online classes to support your recovery and encourage activity during this period of social distancing. All classes are instructed by our highly competent Continence and Women’s Health Physiotherapists. Below is a list and brief description of the classes available. Classes are 40-45 minutes in duration. The first class is free and then they are $20/class. All classes commence the week beginning Monday 20th April 2020. Please feel free to chat to your Physiotherapist if you have any questions, you can book these classes online or by calling the clinic on 9381-7940.

Please click on the link to view our New Pelvic Health Class Timetable

If you have not attended any of our exercise classes before please contact one of our friendly reception staff prior to booking online for further information  Ph: 08 9381 7940



Our pregnancy classes are for women at any stage of pregnancy. The class is a wonderful way to maintain or improve your fitness and strength during your pregnancy. It can also help to keep your body feeling strong and pain free as your pregnancy progresses. The class will focus on cardiovascular fitness, general strength and flexibility with an important focus on the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. An initial assessment with a pelvic health physiotherapist if preferred prior to attending the class which can be complete via a Telehealth consultation, however it is not a pre-requisite. Georgia will take 45minutes class filled with fun, fitness and education to make your feel empowered though your pregnancy. These classes will be run on Tuesdays at 6pm.

Equipment: Comfortable clothes, exercise mat, if you have any other types of exercise equipment around the house, gather it and we can use it (fitball, weights, bands). Tins of food and water bottles are also perfect!


Georgia will take these pelvic floor friendly exercise classes for women and men wanting to maintain and build strength, mobility and fitness. The class is partially individualised with exercises targeted to your specific health problems and goals. With our extensive knowledge of pelvic health conditions, we can ensure that exercises are suitable for your pelvic floor. This could include the integration of functional pelvic floor exercises for improved strengthening and timing, or movements that encourage pelvic floor relaxation and down-training. This means you can feel comfortable you are exercising safely for your pelvic health concerns.  These classes will run on Tuesdays at 5pm and Thursday at 5pm and 6pm.

Equipment: Comfortable clothes, exercise mat, if you have any other types of exercise equipment around the house, gather it and we can use it (fitball, weights, bands). Tins of food and water bottles are also perfect!


Jo will be running classes for patients pre and post prostatectomy. This class is suitable for men prior to surgery to improve strength and conditioning to optimise their post-surgical recovery and from 4 weeks following surgery to help get back to all desired activities/exercise and reduce urinary incontinence. This dynamic class will focus on lower limb strength exercises, pelvic floor muscle exercises, functional training using the pelvic floor and some education. These classes will run on a Tuesday morning at 8:30am.

Equipment: light weights (can use water bottles), mat or towel


If you suffer from any type of pelvic pain including endometriosis, bladder or bowel pain, tail bone pain or pelvic floor muscle tension then this class is perfect for you. Sarah will take this class to will help you to unwind, stretch and relax with particular focus on the pelvis, hip, back and stomach muscles. We will work on relaxed breathing and a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques. The class will be suitable for all levels of flexibility and modifications provided for anyone with any limitations. Come and unwind and calm your mind and body on Tuesdays at 7:30pm.

Equipment: Comfortable clothes, exercise mat, pillow/cushion, yoga strap or normal belt (the longer the better



What is Telehealth (video / phone consultation)?

Video / phone consultation (Telehealth) is the delivery of Physiotherapy consultations via telephone or computer and mobile using secure online platforms. This enables you to access our service from the comfort and safety of your own home.

At Body Logic Physiotherapy, our model of care has a strong emphasis on self-management. This means we focus on helping people understand their condition and coach them to develop skills to be in control of their health. This ensures patients not only get better in the short term, but also continue to improve and self-manage their health in the long term. This makes Telehealth an effective and convenient way of providing care.

How does video consultation work?

We will listen to your story

Similar to a face-to-face consult, the physiotherapist will take time to listen to your story about your pelvic health condition.Problems in the pelvic area can affect your bladder, bowel and sexual health. We will have a thorough review of your health history as we want to know how your condition feels to you and how it impacts on all aspects of your life. We want to understand your goals so we can help you get back doing what you value. We will also ask some screening questions you to ensure if further tests with your doctor are required in conjunction with physiotherapy.

What about a physical examination?

This is an interactive process by which the physiotherapists will ask you to perform a few self assessment tests and tasks; the physiotherapist’s observation and your feedback will be crucial for understanding your problem.

We will provide a treatment plan specific to your needs

  • Once we have completed the assessment, we will explain your pelvic pain or condition.
  • We will then set you up with an individualised management program linked to your goals.
  • We can guide you through pelvic floor exercises and design an overall management program to get you confident in your body with
  • improved bladder and bowel control, reduced pain.
  • We will ensure the exercises are simple, safe and relevant to your condition and to your environment.
  • We can email you or send you a video link to view your exercises.
  • We can progress this over time and you can give us feedback via email.
  • We will liaise with your doctor to ensure your care is integrated.

Will anyone other than my physiotherapist have access to my information?

No. The platform used by Body Logic Physiotherapy is encrypted and secure. The only person who will have access to your data is your Physiotherapist.

Can I participate in an exercise class online?

Yes! Although the initial consultation is individual, we can provide one on one or group exercise rehabilitation sessions including pelvic floor, relaxation, stretching classes for pelvic pain, strength and conditioning classes post protatectomy, and targeted exercise classes

What do I need to set up to have access to this service?

Our team will work with you to ensure that you receive your appointment via phone or video link based on your preference. Connecting for a video session is as simple as clicking a link that we will send you, in an email or on your phone.

To make things even easier, our team has created an easy guide (here) outlining simple steps to help you prepare for your online video consultation and ensure you get the most from your appointment.

We ask you to prepare for your consult by wearing appropriate clothing that enables you to move comfortably.

For exercise classes, you will log in to your allocated class and follow the instructions given by your physiotherapist to exercise at the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Does Telehealth work?

Yes! There is growing research evidence that physiotherapists can deliver effective care via Telehealth for pelvic health problems. Research (here see article) shows telehealth consultations are effective for the management of incotinence. Plus, it’s safer for everyone, given the current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Is this service just limited to people in Perth?

No. A great advantage of Telehealth is that it has no physical boundaries. Telehealth enables patients from anywhere to access to our services, all you need is an internet connection!

Who can use this service?

Both existing and new patients of Body Logic Physiotherapy can use this service. Existing patients can book a Telehealth consultation for their follow up.

New patients can also book by calling our reception team or book online via our website. If you are unsure if Telehealth is suitable for your needs, please discuss with our reception team, email us, or ask to speak with one of our physiotherapists – they will help determine if Telehealth will work for you.

Is Telehealth supported by Medicare or private heath funds?

YES! Medicare (for people on a chronic disease management plan ) have already agreed to pay for Telehealth services, and the health funds will pay from 14th April. New patients will need a referral from their GP or specialist to gain a rebate, but this may change.

If you have any questions, please discuss with our reception team and/or your treating physiotherapist.

How do I pay for my Telehealth consult?

Payment is easy, we will send you an invoice for your payment and you can pay over the phone or online.

How will Body Logic support their clients in this crisis?

Body Logic are committed to support you in this difficult time.

We have made the decision to offer a 30% fee reduction to all our clients until 14th April when the health funds will rebate our care.
In addition, we will offer a brief 15-minute video or telephone consultation to provide advice, guidance or support for existing patients that only need a quick check in, or for people who are in financial hardship.

Body Logic Physiotherapy has provided care to our community for the past 15 years and we are committed to supporting you in this difficult time. We extend our sincere thoughts to you and your loved ones.