Chris leads the team at West Coast Health and High Performance with over 20 years of experience in the field of sports physiotherapy.  He has been one of the directors at Body Logic Physiotherapy for over 10 years and worked with the West Coast Eagles Football club for over 15 years.

Chris holds the Specialist Sports Physiotherapy title and is an expert in the field of sport injuries and ongoing pain related problems.  Chris is happy to see all types of problems and enjoys helping people return to their normal activities whether that be sport, work or normal daily tasks.

He has had a strong background in WA sport working in the past  with many various teams including – Wildcats Basketball, Australian Hockey, WAIS track and field / pole vault and several local teams. Chris enjoys teaching in the field of injury and performance and offers consulting to many various teams, physio’s and insurance companies for second opinions on client’s cases.

Adding to this Chris has 2 children who keep him active and he also enjoys running, getting to the gym and connecting with his local football club at North Beach where he holds life membership.

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