Specialist Physiotherapy | Body Logic

We can provide this service in person at our rooms, or via telehealth (video or phone) in the comfort of your own home. Check the Telehealth section for details.

About Our Specialist Physiotherapy Services

  • Specialist Physiotherapy or Physiotherapy Specialisation is the highest level of physiotherapy training available in Australia. The specialisation process is rigorous ensuring only the most skilled clinicians gain the title.
  • Specialist Physiotherapists can provide reviews for complex health problems, comprehensive reports, or second opinions. Our specialists network and communicate with other professionals including medical specialists, surgeons, and insurers to provide you with the highest level of care.
  • They are involved in conducting cutting-edge research with local and international Universities, and are at the forefront in advancing their fields.
  • If you feel like you’ve seen everyone, tried everything, and are still bothered by your problem, a specialist review can help you get answers and gain an understanding of how to best manage your problem.
  • Similarly, if you are considering invasive procedures (such as surgery or injections), or have undergone procedures and still suffer, a second opinion from a specialist physiotherapist can be an invaluable experience.
  • To find out more about specialist physiotherapy contact us today!