Cognitive Functional Therapy | Body Logic

Your condition can be assessed and managed at the comfort and safety of your own home via video/phone consultations (Telehealth). Check the Telehealth section for details.

  • We know that for some people pain can become persistent and disabling.
  • When this happens, our nervous system (which is normally designed to warn us of danger), and the way we control our body (which is designed to protect us), can end up working against us. This can become scary and distressing.
  • Cognitive Functional Therapy has been developed as a mind-body approach to managing pain problems when they become disabling and distressing.
  • Based on a thorough history and examination, Cognitive Functional Therapy takes people on a journey to understand the factors associated with their pain, learn strategies to confront and control their pain in order to get back to doing the things in life that they value.
  • For some this can take weeks and for others a few months. The key to success is that we put you in charge of this journey. To find out more about cognitive functional therapy contact us today!