More Body Logic Physiotherapists receive post graduate qualifications

Congratulations to our Pelvic Health Physiotherapists Sarah Kenagy, Joanna Morris and Donna Green who completed their Post Graduate Masters in Continence and Women’s Health! The graduation ceremony was held in February 2019.

A Special congratulations to out to Donna Green who was awarded the APA women’s Men’s and pelvic health prize for the top graduating student for the Curtin Masters.

JP Caneiro and Alison Thorpe also received their PhD’s in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy on this evening – congratulations to both!

We are also very proud of Lara Mitchinson who completed her Post Graduate studies in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy!

Judith Thompson (left), Donna Green (right)

Sarah Kenagy (left) and Judith Thompson (right)

In order from left: Sarah Kenagy, Jo Morris, Sophie Dunnet, Judith Thompson, Donna Green (in yellow dress)


Alison Thorpe (left), JP Caneiro (middle), Judith Thompson (right)