Postnatal Recovery

What is postnatal recovery?

Postpartum is the term to describe the period after birth when your body slowly returns to its non-pregnant state. It is a time of emotional and physical transition. Common postnatal problems include: neck, shoulder, wrist, pelvic girdle and low back pain, abdominal muscle separation or rectus abdominus diastasis, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and breast conditions such as mastitis.

Risk factors for postnatal problems:

Traumatic birth, poor sleep, fatigue, deconditioning, chronic stress, depressed mood, previous history of pain


Understanding the factors linked to postnatal problems and developing a plan to manage them is critical. Our physiotherapists at Body Logic Physiotherapy play an important role in the treatment of all postnatal conditions, identifying the key factors linked to your symptoms. A progressive pelvic floor and abdominal exercise program and self-management plan is the key to controlling your symptoms and helping you achieve your goals.

Doing simple exercises and forming healthy habits can help you to cope with the many changes to your body and can help reduce pain and problems in the future. As your body recovers we will coach you to return to exercise in a graduated way.